Prince tattoo ideas

Here are some ideas for Prince tattoos.

Summer themed tattoo ideas

Summer time is looked forward to by all. Getting a tattoo that is Summer themed, can be very fun. Also, you can show off your Summer tattoo at the beach. Just make sure to put sunscreen on your tattoos, this way the sun will not fade them out so fast. Here are some examples.

Watermelon tattoo ideas

Some people love watermelon, so much that they get a tattoo of the wonderful fruit. For whatever reason they have to get a watermelon, I have actually seen some pretty cool looking watermelon tattoos. They look best in full color. Realistic or cartoon like, just make sure you get something you want to live with for the rest of your life.

Skunk tattoo ideas

Yes, some people think skunks are cute. I have seen a few skunk tattoos in my time. Most are cartoon versions of a skunk, but still are pretty cool. You can get them big or small, so it could be a nice starter tattoo for anyone to get their feet wet. Check out some of these ideas!

Snake tattoo ideas

Snake tattoos have been popular for years. If done correctly, they can look very realistic. I am not a fan of snakes in general, but they do look amazing. I have seen them in black and grey, and color. Men and women both get them too. Depending how big you go, they can be expensive to get. Just be sure to find a good tattoo artist to do the job right!

Christmas tattoo ideas

Many people love the Christmas season so much that they get tattoos inspired by the holiday. I have seen everything from Santa, snow, The Grinch and more. Men and woman have gotten these awesome tattoos. Just try and be original. Get a good artist to do it.

Basketball tattoo ideas

Many people have gotten some pretty sweet basketball inspired tattoos. Whether it be for a team they love, or just to support the game in general, basketball tattoos have been around for years.

First tattoo ideas for women

There are many women out there who want to get their first tattoo. They want something small to get their feet wet because they are unsure about the pain of getting one. There is nothing wrong with starting small. Be warned, they are addicting! Expect to want more eventually.

DJ tattoo ideas

I have seen some pretty amazing DJ tattoos. Turntables, headphones and more. If done right, they can look pretty amazing. Just try and be original and have a good tattoo artist draw something up.

Cute Halloween tattoos for women

It is the wonderful month of October! That means we are showcasing Halloween inspired tattoos. today are tattoos for the ladies. Cute Halloween inspired tattoos. They are so many cool ideas.
Just be creative and have a good tattoo artist draw something custom up for you!

Frankenstein tattoo ideas

October is my favorite month. The weather changes and it is Halloween time. What better way to celebrate than showing Frankenstein tattoo ideas. I have seen people have them that looked like the classic Frankenstein's Monster from the movies, and others get a more cartoon version.