About this site

I have been getting tattoos for years now. It was always nice having a magazine or a website to look for ideas of what I wanted. This site is meant to inspire you, help you get a solid idea from what other people have done. When I first started getting tattoos in the early 90's, I was the type to just pick something from the tattoo parlor wall. After awhile, I realized how important it is to come in either with your own design, or tell a good tattoo artist your idea, then have him draw it up so it is an original tattoo. Think about it, do you really want something probably a billion other people have probably picked. Imagine walking down the street and seeing an old grandma with the same tattoo as you because it was a stock design. Original is best. You will find that I stress that a lot on this site.
Anyway, thank you for visiting and I hope you get inspired to get something pretty bad ass!

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