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Christmas tattoo ideas

Many people love the Christmas season so much that they get tattoos inspired by the holiday. I have seen everything from Santa, snow, The Grinch and more. Men and woman have gotten these awesome tattoos. Just try and be original. Get a good artist to do it.

Basketball tattoo ideas

Many people have gotten some pretty sweet basketball inspired tattoos. Whether it be for a team they love, or just to support the game in general, basketball tattoos have been around for years.

First tattoo ideas for women

There are many women out there who want to get their first tattoo. They want something small to get their feet wet because they are unsure about the pain of getting one. There is nothing wrong with starting small. Be warned, they are addicting! Expect to want more eventually.

DJ tattoo ideas

I have seen some pretty amazing DJ tattoos. Turntables, headphones and more. If done right, they can look pretty amazing. Just try and be original and have a good tattoo artist draw something up.