Boxing tattoo ideas

I have seen some mean boxing tattoos lately. Boxers get them to show their love for the sport. You could do so many different things with a boxing tattoo. Just have a great tattoo artist draw something custom up for you and always be creative and original. Men and women both get these!

Cycling/Bicycle tattoo ideas

Cycling is a huge deal. It is great exercise and a way of life. I have seen some pretty cool tattoos that people have gotten either for their love of cycling, or their love of bikes. Men and women both look great with these tattoos. Just be creative and get something custom done!

Chef tattoo ideas

Having a career as a chef is pretty awesome. I would give anything to be able to cook like an amazing top chef. Some people with this awesome career have gotten some pretty sweet tattoos showing their love for the culinary arts. There are so many ideas out there, just be creative!

Pumpkin tattoo ideas for Fall

Pumpkin tattoos are cool. Some people get them because they love Halloween, some get them because they love Fall in general. Some also get them because their birthday falls on or around Halloween. Either way they make a wonderful tattoo. Just be creative!

Neck tattoos for women

Neck tattoos are not for everybody, but for those that get them, they can look pretty awesome. Women who get these tattoos generally get them on the back of the neck. I have seen other areas of the neck done as well and they look great. Just be original and creative!

Bigfoot tattoo ideas

Sightings of Bigfoot happen all the time. We just do not have any solid proof that they truly exist. Many people have gotten some awesome Bigfoot tattoos. They tend to be a bigger type of tattoo so you want a decent amount of space on your body for it. Be original.

Unicorn tattoo ideas

A unicorn makes a beautiful tattoo. Some people get realistic looking ones, some people get cartoon style. Either way there are many ideas you could roll with. They look best in color in my opinion.
It is also a tattoo that can go anywhere on the body depending on how big you want it.

Waterfall tattoo ideas

Waterfalls are awesome. They are peaceful to watch and listen to. Many people have gotten some wonderful waterfall tattoos. The colors really make a tattoo like this pop. There are also so many ideas that you could run with. Anything can go with a waterfall. Be creative!

Bender the robot from Futurama tattoo ideas

Bender is a cartoon robot from the show Futurama.  He was one of the best characters on the show. Many people have gotten awesome tattoos of him. I have seen men and women with a Bender tattoo.